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Enrolment requirements

Enrolment of students in the International and Integrated programmes is subject to the following requirements:

  • Students are placed in a specific year level according to age after consideration of interview and class vacancies.
  • To facilitate a high standard of teaching and learning, the class size is maintained at a maximum of 12 up to 25 for kindergarten classes depending on the age of the students.
  • If parents already have one or more siblings studying at the school, priority will be given to a new sibling, pending available places.

Enrolment documents

Documents required for enrolment include:

  • 2 passport photographs of the child
  • Certified copy of the child’s Birth Certificate and/or Passport
  • Copy of the parents’ Passport or I.D. Card
  • Health Check Certificate / Vaccination Record
  • Copy of the Accident Insurance Plan for the child (if parents wish to opt out of the School Insurance plan)