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Children’s Day

Children’s Day is celebrated by many countries around the world and is also known as the International Day for Protection of Children.  Children’s Day is a festival for children and is celebrated very widely across Viet Nam to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children.  It is the one festival that all children look forward to. This year, KIK students at SIS @VT celebrated Children’s Day on 31st May.  They all participated in exciting indoor and outdoor activities with their classmates and schoolmates. There were 5 stations:  Cinema Box, Cupcake Decorating, Face Painting, Obstacle Challenge and Crafts for kids.

First, they took time out to be on the soccer pitch for obstacle challenging. Then moved on to cinema box, where they were served tasty popcorn whilst watching a short movie. After that, the Nursery and K1 students were inspired with cute face painting while the K2 and prep students made some crafts with different colour beans. “Cupcake Decorating” was rated the top station where everyone enjoyed decorating their own cupcake with icing and a variety of toppings. All students were presented with a gift from the Board of Management of KinderWorld.   What a fun-filled day it was for all our students!